Brampton Island

A former resort now closed and caught up in limbo and paperwork with talk of redevelopment.

Once a popular spot for honeymooners Brampton Island was home to a resort that combined luxury and privacy in stunning surrounds. However, since its sale and subsequent re-purchase in 2011, this lovely slice of Whitsundays has been left vacant without a clear direction pending possible future development.

About Brampton Island

With 12 sandy beaches, numerous walking trails and several fringing reefs, it’s a great all-round getaway island that is being mentioned as a target for a massive, 7-star, world-class resort to be built in the coming years.

Watch this space for future updates on Brampton Island’s developments.

Lying at the southern end of the world famous Whitsunday Passage and off the coast of Mackay, Brampton Island in the Great Barrier Reef offering you plenty of fun and adventure. With crystal clear blue waters, sun drenched beaches, nature walking tracks, Brampton Island is a holiday seeker’s paradise.

It is also home to 12 world renowned beaches, seven of which can be easily explored through walking tracks. Brampton Island is a perfect destination for couples, family, friends, and honeymooners. Brampton Island boasts a unique ecosystem, having a diverse range of unexplored flora, fauna and birds.

This island and resort grounds are privately owned and as such cannot be accessed due to the resorts closure. It is hoped that this once lively resort can be restored back to it glory and welcome guest back again in the future.

In the meantime, the island can be accessed by private boat for day use only. Camping is not permitted. Picnic and day use areas are available at Brampton’s Western Bay and Dinghy Bay West with very basic facilities.

Brampton Island is considered a national park and a part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area surrounded by coral reefs and amazing marine life. When boating please anchor with care and go slow as turtles are common in the marine park.

Swimming and snorkelling are popular in this area and many visitors take advantage of the quiet and secluded beaches that are on offer. Marine stingers are present in these waters between the months of October to May so it is recommended that you wear protective stinger suits if you are entering the waters during these times.

As mentioned earlier, there are no commercial businesses on this island so it essential that you bring your own drinking water, food, insect repellent, medications and first aid kits.

Tropical climates are experienced all year round with temperatures ranging from 28 degrees to 35 degrees in the peak of summer. In winter the lowest temperatures usually drop to is 20 degrees making this an ideal island to visit all year round.

Spread across 1000 hectares there are many picturesque rainforest walking trails and secluded beaches to be explored within the national park.The highlight of Dunk Island is the three hour walk to the highest point of the island, Mount Kootaloo for spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding island and reef.Enjoy being on island time here as you take it easy and swim in the ocean, snorkel off the beach, set up a picnic or camp under the stars.

Camping is the only accommodation available on the island until the resort has been redeveloped. There are currently 9 campsites available which are situated nearby the island jetty. The campsites have BBQ facilities, hot showers and drinking water. We do recommend that you bring adequate food and water as the café on the island has limited operating hours.

To reach Dunk island you will need to take a water taxi from Mission Beach at Wongaling Beach. It is a quick and easy 10 minute ride over to Dunk Island with a ferry service three times a day.

Brampton Island in Pictures

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